Satisfied Customers

The Solution that Leads to Satisfied Customers

Wineries and wine stores are unique retailers requiring a Retail Management System that seamlessly operates the front end (POS) with customer loyalty programs, inventory tracking, ordering, and reporting. The wine industry is a hands-on business, dependent upon interacting with your customers. RMH is the ideal solution integrating the tools you need to effectively operate your business and devote more time to you customers and staff so you can reach your full potential.

Discover the Benefits for Winery Owners


A simple, sleek, and intuitive design makes learning how to operate Store easy for you and your employees.


Closely monitor your inventory to know exactly how much of each bottle of wine you have available to keep customers satisfied with your selection.


Reward your loyal customers and wine club members with a built-in omnichannel loyalty program included within our POS solution.

Features Created for Winery Operations

Your winery is as unique as your wine selection. That’s why your business needs a technology solution with advanced features that grow with you and your business. RMH store offers a full suite of features to help you grow operations to the next level and beyond.

Easy payment integration which facilitates taking every form of payment, gift cards and house accounts.

Multi-level pricing makes is simple to have a special “club” as well as wholesale accounts.

Multi-level sales tax to assure every bottle meets local and State requirements.

Included omni-channel loyalty program is a proven business builder! Combine a basic loyalty program with targeted promotions to keep customers coming back more frequently and purchasing more with each visit.

User friendly POS interface with keyboard, scanner or touchscreen input and customized quick-access buttons for common items, commands or functions.

Our Scheduling module is designed to assure you are in compliance with local laws by scheduling hours a product cannot be sold.

Easy item look-up by UPC, SKU and user-assigned numbers, along with item pictures assure your staff is ringing items correct.

Customizable fields to assign Ratings, Estate, Type, Vintage or other key areas.

Order or sell by single unit or case and price accordingly.

Easily set-up multi-bottle promotional kits!

RMH is built to grow with you. Open additional locations seamlessly with RMH Central, the system designed to manage multiple stores.