Focus Quick Service POS

Recent improvements in efficiency and faster service have attracted more customers to the quick-service industry. Thus, most quick services have long lines during peak periods, both in the drive-thru and at the counter. Even faithful customers can be lost because of a simple mistake (like ordering the wrong drink or charging the wrong amount). With the right quick service software, you can avoid these mishaps.

Valuable Advantages with Quick Service

-Monitoring and reducing service times 

-Customers can order their favorite meals using their mobile devices to skip the line and order online

-POS software with fingerprint logins, so your employees can access it easily and securely 

-To streamline food production, orders are sent directly to the kitchen display systems or kitchen printers from the POS system.

-Drive-through check recall to keep workers organized even when customers are bumper-to-bumper

-The system provides real-time insight into cash shortages, inventory shrinkage, comps, and voids 

-Obtaining labor and sales statistics to assist you in developing a successful future company plan