Dance Your POS Troubles Away With Nightclub POS

Patrons go to nightclubs to dance and have a good time, so the last thing they want to do is wait for food and drinks. It’s important for staff and bartenders to have access to the right tools and features in order to quickly and efficiently place and track customer orders and payment information. Quickly serving drinks will not only keep customers happy, but also convince them to come back for more rounds or on other occasions. Our Nightclub POS system gives bartenders the power to manage every customer’s tab from a single screen. Nightclubs are prone to losing money due to liquor shrinkage, which is a result of free drinks, over-pouring, and failing to charge the correct amount for a cocktail. Focus’ Nightclub POS has auditing and theft prevention functionality, which produces liquor inventory reports that help cut down on stealing and loss of revenue. This software also has an age verification feature, so your nightclub can avoid the fines and lawsuits that come with fake IDs.

Speed of Service

> Fast Nightclub Screens
> Repeat Rounds
> Quick Payment Tenders
> Shared Tabs
> Pre-Authorized Tabs

Audit and Theft Prevention

> Blind Checkouts
> Employee Performance Reports
> Liquor Management
> Customer Age Verification

Bar Features

> Pool Table Timers
> Customer Advances
> Split Checks
> VIP/Industry Pricing
> Quick Tabs