A Bar POS that Keeps the Tap Flowing

At Focus POS, we understand the needs of the bar and nightclub industry. For an industry that relies heavily on providing a seamless customer experience to meet nightlife demands, your business needs a solution that allows staff to spend less time in front of a screen, and more time pouring drinks and providing top-notch service. Our bar POS system allows bartenders to manage multiple tabs at once and easily repeat rounds with a single touch to keep drinks flowing. Intuitive bar software allows tabs to be easily opened and closed in seconds by simply swiping a customer’s card or entering their name. By equipping your business with our POS solution, you’ll find that your bartenders never lose a second — or a tip.

Provide Superior Customer Service

Provide Superior Customer Service

No matter how busy your bar or nightclub is, it’s your job to ensure that every patron is served quickly and accurately — and keeps coming back for refills instead of opting for a faster service watering hole. Our bar POS allows you to do just that:

-Multitask by having unlimited tabs visible at one time
-Comply with regulations with integrated age verification
-Enter different pricing tiers for your most important customers
-Never forget how to make a drink with drink recipe lookup
-Keep track of timed rates for extras like pool table usage

Manage your Bartenders

Assure that your customers remember your high-quality beverages and excellent service by equipping your bartenders with the best bar software around. Our bar POS solution allows you to:

-Control bar POS access with fingerprint recognition
-Place multiple cash drawers on a station
-Double drink pricing
-Customize screens for faster bar service
-Streamline employee training with user-friendly interface

Manage your Bartenders
Analyze and Optimize with POS Software for Bars

Analyze and Optimize with POS Software for Bars

With feature-rich, back-end reporting, your bar software allows you to have complete visibility over your operations — and the ability to make the best decisions to grow your revenue. Our bar POS will enable you to:

-Implement liquor inventory integration so you never over or under-order
-Accurately manage shrinkage with robust reporting and auditing
-Analyze your sales to determine a long-term strategy

Enhance Your Bar Software: Bar POS Add-Ons

In addition to Focus POS Restaurant Management Software basics, you can provide an even fuller experience for your customers by adding enhanced solutions such as:

-Focus Loyalty — to keep customers coming back for more
-Focus gift cards — to supplement revenue
-Order and pay at the table — to improve table turnover

Enhance Your Bar Software: Bar POS Add-Ons
Why Choose Focus POS for Your Bar Software

Why Choose Focus POS for Your Bar Software?

In such a bustling industry, your bar POS should possess capabilities to easily manage every aspect of your business, so that you and your staff can spend more time offering excellent service. Focus’s highly reliable bar software will give you speedy, simple access to onsite sales and service, as well as the freedom to process with your own partners, keeping credit card fees to a minimum. What are you waiting for? Enhance performance and reduce costs in your bar or nightclub with Focus bar POS and software.