A Pizza POS for Raking in the Dough

Pizza has always been a popular dish. Able to tailor toppings to their preferences, customers usually order pizza when they’re looking for a convenient meal. Whether a pizzeria offers a dine-in area, pick up, delivery, or a combination of the three, every customer demands two things: convenience and customization. This is where a pizza POS system can help. Focus POS offers intuitive software for pizzerias that streamlines the order and delivery processes for employees. In addition to making sure the pizza gets to the customer while it’s still hot, a pizza POS system also helps ensure that drivers take the correct orders to their respective customers, allowing pizza shop owners to enhance the profitability and efficiency of their businesses. Focus POS also integrates with Uber Eats and DoorDash,,so your customers can use those services to have your menu items delivered to their doors. As important as speed and accuracy are for pizzerias, owners are also concerned with inventory, sales, payment options, marketing, and much more. Even though every pizza shop sells the same type of product, customers and ownership know that every pizza is unique. That’s why Focus POS designs pizza shop software that is as customizable as a pizza’s toppings, giving you the recipe for success.

Satisfy More than Your Customers’ Appetites

Satisfy More than Your Customers’ Appetites

While your pizza may be enough to make your customers happy, it’s important to do whatever you can to maximize customer satisfaction from the moment they walk through the door. Our pizza POS can provide your customers an experience they’ll appreciate, with features like:

> Customer-facing displays to help support suggestive selling, tip prompts, and sign-on screen for credits cards

> Rapid ordering with seamless combo functions for multiple item entry

> Further streamlined orders with custom menus and screens

Empower Your Pizzeria Staff

Second to the pizza itself is the service it comes with. No matter how busy your Friday night rush is, ensure that every customer gets their order on the double, without a topping out of place. Our pizza shop software includes features to help employees provide the best service possible, allowing them to:

> Assure order accuracy by recalling previous orders

> Provide additional sale suggestions for maximized revenue

> Include modifiers for custom orders

> Organize accounts by household for optimal organization

Empower Your Pizzeria Staff
Elevate Back-End Operations with Pizza Shop Software

Elevate Back-End Operations with Pizza Shop Software

With feature-rich, back-end reporting, our software for pizzerias will help you gain maximum visibility into your business, allowing you to make informed decisions that directly affect the profitability of your pizza shop. Our Pizza POS will allow you to:

> Generate detailed business reports

> Automatically receive reports at convenient times

> View inventory updates in real-time