A Café POS that Delivers Results

Focus POS knows that cafés and coffee shops have different software needs than other restaurants in the hospitality industry. That’s why we offer coffee shop software specifically designed to support your business. Cafés require a point of sale system that offers quick and easy order-taking, streamlines food and drink preparation, and expedites customer checkout. Our systems help your baristas meet demand during the busiest hours of the day. So whether it’s before work or at lunch–anytime your customers are looking to get their muffins and lattes, know that you can provide them with everything they need to get them out the door quickly. Focus POS software for coffee shops also ensures that your inventory of baked goodies and brewed beverages are adequately stocked to meet your customers’ demands. Plus, with our Focus Loyalty and gift card add-on programs, customers can earn points and promotional items with their daily cup o’ joe and even utilize a reloadable card for easy payment.

Serve Your Coffee Shop Patrons

Serve Your Coffee Shop Patrons

No matter how busy your morning rush is, ensure that every caffeine-craving customer gets in and out without a hassle. Our software for coffee shops includes features like:

Customer-facing displays to help support suggestive selling, tips prompts, and sign-on screen for credit cards

Rapid ordering with seamless combo functions for multiple item entry 

Further streamlined orders with custom menus and screens 

Manage Your Baristas

Assure that your customers remember great coffee and excellent service by equipping your baristas with the best coffee shop software around. Our POS solution allows for:

Fingerprint recognition for access control

 Multiple cash drawers on a station

Large change-due screen

 User-friendly interface to streamline employee training

Manage Your Baristas
 Boost Your Business with Coffee Shop Software

Boost Your Business with Coffee Shop Software

With feature-rich, back-end reporting, your software for coffee shops allows you to have complete visibility over your operations–and the ability to make the best decisions to grow your revenue. Notable features include:

Entering cup counts for inventory tracking

Robust reporting and auditing to accurately manage shrinkage

Analyzing your sales to determine a long-term strategy 

Enhance Your Café POS Restaurant Management System

In addition to Focus POS Restaurant Management Software basics, you can provide an even fuller experience for your customers by adding enhanced solutions.

Focus Loyalty is vital in a café POS since you thrive on your regular customers coming back at the same time tomorrow

Focus gift cards allow your customers to spread the love for your café or bakery to their friends and family

 Online Ordering is becoming more popular in coffee shop software, allowing customers to skip the lines through pre-ordering from their device

Enhance Your Café POS Restaurant Management System

Why Choose Focus POS for Your Coffee Shop Software?

Speedy, simple access to onsite sales and service

Freedom to process with your own partners to control credit card fees

Highly reliable software

Why Choose Focus POS for Your Coffee Shop Software